EV Developer Chat now on!

And if you dont know where it is, here's the info:

Server: irc.ambrosia.net
Channel: #evdev

Want a client? For MacOS, I suggest getting (url="http://"http://www.ircle.com/")Ircle(/url), for those that have to use windows (DO NOT USE MSCHAT), get (url="http://"http://www.mirc.com/")mIRC(/url).

I only know how to setup in Ircle, so mIRC users have to sort out themselves.

1. Lauch Ircle
2. Click 'edit' in the 'connections' floating window
3. Enter 'irc.ambrosia.net' as the server by clicking on the 'select' button in the initial tab that appears, click 'add'. Enter 'irc.ambrosia.net' as the server (no quotes incase you're dumb enough to need this warning), and leave the port at 6667. Set the network to 'none' (at the bottom of the list). Click OK. Scroll to the bottom of the servers listbox, and highlight irc.ambrosia.net. Click select.
4. Enter your nickname in the appropriate fields. No spaces are allowed, and use 9 characters as the max length.
5. Check the other tabs, I suggest that you dont enter your email address or real name anywhere.
6. Make sure the autoexec field (under the autoexec tab) is empty and then click OK.
7. Highlight the connection you just edited in the connections box and click 'connect'
8. A whole load of stuff will go past in the console window, it can normally be ignored. If you see a line like '***Ident Failed' then you're behind a firewall, you may not be able to connect
9. Once all the stuff stops going past, type '/join #evdev' and you're in

Channel rules:
No swearing, putdowns etc
No colours or styles (eg bold, inverse)
Try to keep on topic 😉

'If not you, who else?'