Emalgha plug idea

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well i was just doing the Emalgha missions and i was thinking that they needed more ships, personaly i think they look cool even though thier ships kinda suck and they're weapons aren't very good (compared to the other ones) anyways i was thinking maybe it would be cool to have they're mission string GREATLY expanded, aswell as maybe helping them develop new weapons, ships, upgrades, etc. and maybe even the Emalgha/UE taking over a few vonians systems, or even killing the vonian, not much of a plot, but their are plenty possablities for it. if you dont like this idea than dont post a 20 page message telling me whats wrong with the idea, just say you dont like it straight forward, if you like it, have suggestions, than just reply saying what you want! well i guess im starting to waste your time.. but if you want to help me develop it (wich i may if i get enough postive replys) than e-mail me at (url="http://"mailto:harding2@home.com")mailto:harding2@home.com(/url)harding2@home.com

i think it is a good idea. One thing you could do is have the Emaghla capture some Voinion ships and convert them to thier use.

How about an Emalgha Heavy Fighter and Emalgha Carrier?

hehe, they look like Emalgha ships. The carrier is mainly used for delivering fighters into Voinian space, as they fighters themselves need constant refueling.

Just one of many ships that are already designed and will be used in Great War II

Well, I have done it (long ago though - I might have a copy somewhere though) and there are a group of us doing it again right now under the aeon banner... (please mikee, no aeon swipes) Our partially completed website (for the plug) can be seen at (url="http://"http://ehha.cjb.net")http://ehha.cjb.net(/url) - there is not a lot therem, but if you look at the contact page, there are a few people there to ask.

Hope this helps...


No Aeon swipes? What do you mean by that?

I think we know what I mean : )

No seriously, that was tongue-in-cheek...

Hey, come back to Aeon - you might like it!!!!

I might, if Swift wasn't the head of Aeon. I think he runs it poorly and the way its run is also poor.

As soon as he takes his crown off and gives some of his poor away (not all of it, just some ;)) I will return.

See my posting on blazer's board - Ryan is a good leader, and does not dictate as you make out that he does - besides, that it nothing to do with developing EV/O so we shouldnt even talk about it here - either we can forget it

Here's something about Emalgha colonization...

Within the route from UE to Emalgha space there are two systems next to each other. According to their descriptions they are barren and worthless but with some new technology (read: modified Nebula Penetration Device (NPD)- connect with Nebula Exploration missions), there could be resources found on those planets, giving the Emalgha a reason to colonize them. Also, there is a planet just south of the Ji Nebula which shares the same planet graphics and landing pics with Emalghia- to the Emalgha- it looks just like home- colonization time! Just my thoughts.

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UE, you DO realize that this topic is ONE YEAR OLD, right?

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why the heck did you dig this thing up?


something i just realized though, what ever happend to, ummm, i think it was something like "the great war"?