Armada has expanded and I am happy with the results. Many submissions have been made and have even encouraged me to create my own. If you have not seen the Armada Gallery yet, goto (url="http://"") Armada is a place for EV artists to show off their talent and to inspire developers to create plug-ins. If you would like to submit a ship or weapon, read the 'Info' section. If you would just like to view the current ships and weapons, visit the corrosponding sections.

Coming soon to Armada:

Ship/Weapon Guides


Nobody has posted anything here for almost a year, man these pages are old.
Maybe somebody will discover this in an archaeological dig or something.
mnementh, if you are reading this, cool name I know the origin of it and have read all of her books about dragons.

The ultimate Pokémon master!
- Corey

Heh, the sad part is I remember when this post was first up. I've known Mnementh for quite a bit (although we havn't spoken much as of late, on IM and such I mean). But he did have this grand idea for people to submit their graphics to him to be advertised on the web.

Lo and behold, nearly 11 months later, something like that is made with the image galleries (completely scripted mind you) so while Mnementh's site did not work, at least his idea was proven to be a decent one.

As for where he even is, I don't think he even posts on these boards anymore. Maybe he does, but I havn't seen him here in a while.