How do I make a star field?

I'm making a new startup/loading pic and I need a starfield for the background.
How can I make it? I don't have photoshop, all I have is graphic converter,
Adobe PhotoDeluxe, Strata3D and StrataVision3D for modeling.
Also, how can I make explosions for a fight scene?
I could go with some other type of scene if it's not possible using the apps I have,
but a space fight would be cool.

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You can make some pretty cool looking starfields and nebulas just using photodeluxe. All you have to do is click a lot.
Using a 3d app, you can use particles for starfields.
Also, for explosions you can use particles, but you need lots of them if you want to make it look realistic-ish (that's a cool word!). Also, if something's actually exploding, you'd probably want to have motion/particle blur turned on. You can also create background nebulas in a 3d app using fractal tectures and transparencies or something.


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