ev data to spreadsheet testing



Originally posted by Martin Turner:
**Output to Excel/Filemaker (Seant did this, but it didn't really work on my system)

As mentioned in a previous post, I've made some applescripts that export EV data to a text file that can be used with spreadsheets, and another that takes spreadsheets and makes a plugin from them.

I had thought no one was interested as I didn't get any feedback, but Martin Turner's comment above says otherwise.

I know the scripts are buggy; I've only tested them on my system. What I'd like is feedback from folks interested in trying these scripts out. If I get feedback, I'll try and improve them. Otherwise, they work fine for me 🙂

They are available at (url="http://"http://phair.csh.rit.edu/~seant/wind/EVSS.sit")http://phair.csh.rit...t/wind/EVSS.sit(/url)

Again, feedback is desirable.