What do you do...

When your external hard drive makes a buzzing noise and beeps?
refuses to function?
When your hard work 3d modeling is just...lost?

When nobody loves you?

Uh, guess my plugin is going to be delayed, those of you who care.
I guess I found myself "starting back"...

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"We have a silo?"
"You're not very observant, are you ,Mike."

your data can be recovered up to (and sometimes including) the point where smoke and a few sparks come out of the drive. if you're willing to spend the money, try a local computer shop. if you're too cheap you can do it yourself, but if the drive's broken (as opposed to just corrupted) it's going to be a biotch. most of my programming's in linux or dos, so i'm not really sure about machine-level mac stuffs, but i'm sure you can find someone to write you a data-recovery program if the drive works at all. but i guess i can't offer the services of others and it'd take me more time to learn enough to write something for you than it would for you to redo everything, so i'll just shut up now

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My hard drive recently flopped out, it had a bad index (or something like that) so you couldn't boot from it. A few files got corrupted, but it mainly hit the System Folder, that's why I couldn't boot. Luckily I had two hard drives, and if I booted from CD I could access my data, so I copied stuff from my first Hard Drive to the second and reinitialized the first.

But it sounds like your hard drive is much worse damaged. I have Norton Utilities, but it probably wouldn't be able to do much.

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