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As I'm swinging into the full mission-making stage of my plug, I come up upon a problem I didn't think would be a problem. I have heard of plugs and of people making plugs where you get a ship at the start of a mission. Well, when I looked at the bible, it simply says "Item ID". So that obviously doesn't include ships, right?

Anyways, my question is, Can you actually change the players ship at the start of a mission, and if so, how?

Making it an oütf resource seems like a quick fix, but is that the only way, and how does that change the players ship?

And don't give me that "been there, done that" look, 'cus I haven't been there or done that. If no such plug or plug-in-progress exists then, well, I can move on to other things.

No ,only at the start of the game by changing the ship with ID 128.


In 1.0.2 you can make a mission's availability depend on a player having a particular ship or not having a particular ship.

So, you have one mission which starts the string which requires the ship, and another mission which is for if you don't have the ship where the bar-keeper says 'You won't get any work round here unless you buy a Buzzicle — no one is hiring non-Buzzicle pilots these days."
Then let the player save up and buy one. Or, if you're in a hurry, get the bar-keeper to lend him the money. You can fine it off him later as 'money returned' if you want to keep things realistic.

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Thanks for the answers.

I think I'll just use mission bits to make ships available during a specific mission, then set it to an incredibly high tech level, then make it free for the player. Then tell the player to go back to a ReturnStellar where the bit would be turned off and the player told to buy his old ship(which would be free). Of course, if the player chooses to be stubborn and keep the "supership", they'll have a "no-ship".

Does that sound like it would work?

but then the player's original ship's outfits would be lost.


I've already thought of that, J.Ace. In this plug, and the nature of how it's played, you'll need to change ships often. Therefore, most of the outfits in it will be able to stay with you when you change ships. (You probably knew I'd say that ;))

But it is not foolproof. I've just found that if a player starts a mission and gets this supership, then decides to 'abort', the associated bit is never turned off and he/she gets go around being God.

Is there any way around that?

Actually, this wouldn't work anyway. The ship bit doesn't make the ship disappear, it simply makes it impossible to buy.

However, it is possible to disable the player's ship by imposing on him an outfit at the end of a mission which will force him to change ships.

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Yes, Give him an outfit that reduces his speed to 25 and his maneuvarability to 1, you can have two outfits in 1.02 now. Also, don't set the Tech level way too high, just something after the common ones, if its way too high, he can disable a ship and then take it over, because the probability of taking over a ship is based on crew and TECH level. A fighter with 9999 tech can take over a cruiser. Try it, its pretty cool :). The only problem, is if you do give them an outfit at the end of the mission, theres no way to only give them the outfit if they are in a certain ship, so if they do change ships after the battle, for some reason, they get the outfit anyway. This task would probably be much simpler in EV3, hopefully theres a substitute ship for a mission or until you turn it off. And they get their old ship back with all its outfits. With the option of having their old ship escort them or stay at a planet, as an option in the developing and in game play if you give the player the choice of what to do.