Pro Tools Free (Audio big league app)

Pro Tools version 5 is available for free from the makers, digidesign at:

What is it?
Good question. It's a complete 8 track audio/unlimited midi recording studio. It needs a G3 to run. It's a cut down version of their top of the range professional recording studio. But it's only cut down in terms of tracks.

To give you an idea of how many tracks 8 is, Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club band was recorded on a 4 track analog machine. With digital, you have unlimited bounce down without losing quality. I've been using an earlier version of Pro Tools which allowed me 32 tracks, and I've in fact never seriously needed more than eight.

Why do I want it?
To record you mega-killer sound track for the opening music for your plugin. You can also record a few sounds if you want as well, but it's a bit overkill for that.

BTW, this is quite a big download, but don't download the demo file unless you're seriously into making music.



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