Can you actually have music playing in the background during the game?

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I'm sure you could make an extension or script or something that would play a MP3 or something whenever EV was running.

But you can't make EV do it itself.

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Of course, you can always run AppleCD Audio Player, SoundJam MP, or another audio player int the background, if you're willing to sacrifice the processor power.

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Er, no, it doesn't work with SoundJam.


I just plug in my CD player, and listen to that.

In EVO, for me, the CD's play, until you click "Open Pilot," then they turn off abruptly.

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Actually, the problem I've had is that several of my CD's are too soft in comparison to the EV volume, and there is no way to set an EV volume separate from the system volume, so either I can't hear my music, or I blow my ears out every time I do anything in EV that makes noise...

Of course, I could just listen to different music, but that's no fun...


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Actually, i think that SoundJam does run in the background. What I actually meant was 'ripping' tracks of Cd's and playing them in the game.

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