3D Crap

Okay, I finally realized that I can't go on making plugs if I have to beg people for graphics. So I opened Mechanisto and started messing with everything.

Finally, I got something. Its basicly a pinched cone, and I could really use it in Mille Terrae, or anything else.

There is one thing I don't get.

How do you make the shipyard pic and the top-on spin graphics. All I can get is my pinched cone standing upright.

I checked the FAQs, not in there. Could someone please update the FAQs or tell me how to do this? Thanks.

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You could also d/l Vincent Barnards Mechanisto Helper , as well the Mechanisto Guide. Both should be available on the add-ons site.

I could also send you a "spinned" object, and a shipyard object. You could then duplicate the settings in the transformations window(windows>show transform settings) on your own model.

Just email me if you want to do that. It would be easier. But, the learning from the guides is probably better.

Tschüs 🙂

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look at the little window at the bottom of the screen (it's probably mostly covered by the assorted object views unless you've got a hella big monitor). in it you can select the camera (i think you can also select it in the info window, i just like using the objects window), and then you can change the camera's position. using this, find a position for the camera where the pic in the upper left looks decent (the rendering is a little different from what you see there, so you may have to screw around with it a little). this'll get you the shipyard pic. move the camera to the front for the comm pic, then move the camera above it (0 for x and z displacement, y will depend on the size of the ship). also, you may want/have to change the alignment on the cone. if you set all of the alignments to 0 i think it lines up along the z axis, which makes the preset camera angle pretty good for the shipyard pic

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I presume it's roughly the same way as in Strata so, find the camera tool and adjust till you f ind the angle you want. Anyone know the exact degrees?


Angles? No. But, for EV's shipyard view, in Infini-D, the camera is located at
x=4.456 y=-7.718 z=5.22
(the default camera position for Infini-D 3.x)

For EVO, the shipyard camera position is:
x=6 y=-10 z=2.5
(the default camera position for Infini-D 4.x)

For both, the camera is pointed at (0,0,0).

If someone wants to calculate the angles, feel free.


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