What Exactly Can't You Do?

I'm tired of asking questions. At least questions whose answers only serve me in a limited fashion. There are many things I want to be able to do in plug-ins that simply seem unattainable. I decided it would be a waste of valuable time to ask/post a question or perform "experiments" every time a new question popped up. Instead, I'm going to post right here the things, I know are unlikely, but that I would like to do.
() Add More Facilities to Planets - I'd like to be able to make something besides bars, shipyards, etc. Like a place where you could directly interact with the government. Or a brothel, where many "customers" share insidious secrets with these "service workers".
) Custom Garages - This concept is a little too complicated to be discussed in detail, but essentially, it would be like a private "outfit" where you could customize whats parts are available as you collect them throughout the galaxy, bringing it back here, and enhancing every ship you get in whatever fashion you like.
() Scarring - This is a simple, yet most unlikely, concept. It simply involves being able to show semi-permanent damage from weapons strikes on ships.
) Extended Campaigns - Perhaps the best way to ensure that, should a conflict take place, one side or another can truly attain victory, this function would allow govt's to "actually" take over planets during a war. Changing the balance of power and politics in a way that's sure to enhance any storyline.
(*) Top Gun - Out of all listed here, this seems most possible, as it could theoretically be achieved through missions. It's basically a feature that would allow you to rise in the ranks through direct participation in a govt's military rather than through parcel shipping. ( You have to be an Iggy to know and Iggy 😄 )

These are simply a handfull of the things I'd like to do, and maybe I'm going off the deep end, but I feel it is better to know in advance.

So, tell me. Are any of the things I listed above possible or am I simply asking to much of Ambrosia's already flexible product? And more importantly, what limits have you ever wanted(or tried) to break in EV/O? Maybe, if it's not too late already, some of the more minor features could be added to EV3/N.

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none of those are possible(though you can kinda imitate the fourth idea) so you should post this on the EV3 board.


The campaign one is easily done in EVO, justuse the VisBit method with the Oops resource.

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Posting on the EV3 board probably isn't such a good idea. There is about 50 threads of ideas. Besides, I am pretty sure that the good folks over at ATMOS and Matt would use them (well they might but they wouldn't give you credit). Some pretty good ideas though, especially the garage one and scarring. Battle wounds can only make your ship look cooler. But then again, it would add a lot of complexity for plug-in designers.

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Originally posted by DarkBlade:
**But then again, it would add a lot of complexity for plug-in designers.


yea, you can be sure i wouldnt wana render extra sprites showing battle damadge...

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Only the 'campaign' concept and possibly the 'top gun' idea (not sure exactly what you are asking for with that one) are possible in a plug-in. The effect of capturing planets is relatively easy to do with missions and VisBits that change systems, the concept is used in EV:O in a limited way. The 'top gun' idea could probably be implemented through carefully written missions, but it is contrary to the basic concept of the player being an independent adventurer.

As before, your "Campaign" idea already finds limited implementation in EVO. For an excellent example of what you're thinking, programmed within the constraints of the current EVO engine, take a look at Reign of the Voinians, and its sequel, Reign II: Shades of Evil.

Your "Top Gun" concept can be worked out fairly easily with a recruitment mission followed by series of missions that depend on increasingly higher combat ratings... not really any more difficult to program than a normal mission thread.

Scarring and adding facilities to planets is completely impossible, sadly. Your outfit/garage idea can be implemented with a fairly kludgy interface of buying blueprints to outfits via the mission computer (using the negative cash reward feature introduced in EVO 1.0.2, coupled with a reward type of the specific outfit mentioned in the "mission") and having said missions also set to autocomplete and set a mission bit allowing them to appear at your "home base" spöb.

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