What If Preview Released!

For people who dont know, What If is a total conversion plugon under development by me and my brother (halabut). Anyway, I hope it will be out for EV:3 whenever it arrived, or Epsilon, whatever millenium its release is in.

Well, this is very much a preview - it is not guarenteed to work, especially in the weapons region - some work, some you can buy but have no ammo, and weirder still, some you can buy immediately dissapear from your inventory (though credits are deducted). Maybe if I can figure this out I could implement some sort of fraudulent traders ;).

Currently the plugin has about 1/2 the final systems, barely any ships above the basics (and many need re-rendering or even remoddling), some weapons/outfits, no missions past the basics and no hints at the final level of the plugin. There are many, many bugs, like over/under-powered ships, badly masked weapons and misreference resources. This release is to help track some down.

Anyway, it is still quite a good indicator of how the final plug will look in terms of graphics quality (though there are some exceptions, I think the shuttlecraft is one), I suggest you download it.

It can be obtained from: (url="http://"http://homepage.mac.com/blackhole/FileSharing.html")Mac.com(/url) (yes, I know I used a template, lazy me) or anonymous iDisk (username: blackhole)

Report any bugs/problems to me at (url="http://"mailto:sitharus@ureach.com")mailto:sitharus@ureach.com(/url)sitharus@ureach.com

Great graphics indeed...=)

I haven't played it yet, but what I noticed right off is that all/most of the landings and spobs and stuff are still in millions of colors. Save some space and convert them to 256...



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If its going to be for EV3, you can convert them to jpegs later, too. That'll save a lot of space.

D/Ling now, tell you about it on irc.


whats Epsilon?

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Epsilon is a EV-like game supposedly in development by Skyhawk, Jos Denbar (aka laer) and some others. I may or may not be out anytime soon.