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i know this has been way overdone, but i figured i'd add my voice. i know ev3 is far beyond any new features at this point, but these are just things i'd like to see sometime:

  1. better turret aiming function. the turrets in ev (perhaps evo, i don't play it as much) don't compensate for motion, or do so in a poor way. in other words, if something is moving and/or if you're moving the turrets don't fire at where it is or where it will be. if you've ever tried to monty python a small ship, you've probably noticed that your turrets don't hit it unless you're directly in front of it. this should be changed (i liked the previously posted idea of experience. maybe start them a little worse than they are now and improve on them as you get in more battles)
  2. varying prices and qualities for everything. someone posted the idea of multiple spaceports and it made me think of the fact that there are often many fbos at any given airport, often with different prices and facilities. maybe there could be a few variants on refueling/outfitting/shipyards (a place w/ high prices which guarantees good quality, a place w/ low prices and products that might break themselves or your ship, a place like mine where the quality and pricing are both really good but the people are poorly trained so minor mistakes happen at random, etc.)
  3. ability to attack a planet. i know some people think it's stupid to attack a planet in that you can never blow it up (well, maybe not never, but pretty close), but blowing it up isn't necessarily the intention. if someone shot at earth, the chances of the shot actually hitting the ground are rather slim, most would hit either a vehicle or a facility. if you can't see where i'm going with this, imagine firing at a planet to hit something random, and maybe being able to hit a fuel storage facility or to take out some of the defensive fleet before they can get the ship's shields up and running. this brings me to the next idea
  4. better targetting. if (okay, big if) outfits could be made to take damage, it would be a nice feature to be able to independently target the ship's systems. for example, target a weapons cluster so they can't shoot at you, or target the crew quarters to make boarding easier. or, better yet, blow the ship up by piercing the armor and placing a few shots in the magazine, which brings me to
  5. ammo storage. i know i posted it earlier, but i like the idea. it's more realistic if you have to worry about where outfits are going to go. maybe not necessarily placing them on a coordinate grid of the ship, but at least separating the inside and the outside of the ship.

just some thoughts i hope someone in a relatively high place might see eventually, preferably before ev17429 is released

if tin whistles are made of tin, what's a fog horn made of?


I WANT THEM NOW!!!!!!!!!




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WTF does that mean?

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He means that he wants to be able to change the descriptions based on the mission bit that is set/cleared/or whatever.

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just thought i'd add one more idea: point defense. either the ability to target seeking weapons or automatic point defense turrets (or missiles) which shoot at the closest seeker. another thing along these lines, though somewhat more difficult to implement, would be seekers which take damage. if i fired a weapon at 60 rounds per second in the general area of an incoming seeker for the entirety of its flight time, i'd probably hit it at least once or twice. yes, it's stupid to believe a giant artillery type cannon could ever hit a missile, but a machine gun or something along those lines could basically make a cloud of bullets which could at least damage just about anything flying through it

if tin whistles are made of tin, what's a fog horn made of?