An important EV3 request

Make the AI try to dodge slow-moving projectiles...slow of course would have to be defined. It's not very good how currently fighters will fly into and through anything that happens to be floating it's way. Make it try to get out of the path of a rocket or something approching it. It'll make the game more realistic and fighters more survivable.

It'll also help a plugin of mine that's supposed to be for EVO 1.0.2 but if this is in it I may delay it...I have a large energy weapon that's supposed to be for anti-cruiser assault but can really crush fighters in their current non-doging state...especially the swivel version of it...

BTW what was suggested to me to fix the problem in EVO 1.0.2 is to give the weapon innacuracy and make cruisers large. : Might work, but not very well...

So...dodging fighters? Please?


Darn straight. MY Azdara ran circles around pirate fleets in the Azdgari campaign, while AI fighters took warships head-on, getting slagged instantly. It destroyed the realism of the battle. Elite pilots charging to their doom? Maybve kamikazes, but space fighters? Right on, Weepul884.

"Where'd you get those