Nemesis Announcement; All please read

What I have long feared, and have long foreseen, has finally happened. Nemesis is dead. Well, it's been dead since before the summer but its pretty much official now. My whole development team (with the exception of Jon Pearse) has disappeared. None had the decency to email me telling me they could no longer help out (which really pisses me off by the way). I finally got through to Weepul after a few months of emails and found out that he can't help, Mike "Firebird" Lee has been missing so long he could be declared legally dead and my other 2 graphic people haven't replied to any emails. Hell, I haven't seen one guy in such a long time I can't even remember his frickin name. Its too bad really, Nemesis just went into second Alpha testing too. Mike Lee was supposed to be replanning the entire first phase of missions and I have neither the time nor the inclination to redo them. The site will stay up another month or so in the hopes Mike will contact me with the stuff he was supposed to do. My thanks go out to all who helped out and good luck to all the other plugin developers out there, may your plugs fare better than mine did.


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