Really Need Help Making Plugin w/ ResEdit Please...

I've just entered the world of plug-in developing, and, naturally, I've come across many problems which I hope you guys can help me with. Please answer as many questions as you can - I'd reeeally help. Thanks a lot.

Here they are (or "Here it is" if you want to be picky):

  1. How do you create a plug-in using ResEdit? I've come across some problems:

a) I've tried formatting an existing plug-in I made with EV-Edit 3.2.1 (which I've been using so far), but only the resource that shows up is the one I altered with EV-Edit -- i.e.-- I can only make changes to the new ship, outfit, mission, etc. that I made in EV-Edit - any attempt to make a new resource is in vain.

🆒 I've tried to use some "EVOTemplates.rsrc" resource which provides all the ship, outfit, mission, etc. resources, but upon opening one of them, say, the ship resource, all it shows are the various labels (e.g.- "Holds", "Shield", "Accel", etc.), each followed by "DWRD" in the Type field. I've tried and I've tried, but I can't do ANYTHING. What's the file for, anyway?

c) Opening Override Data files 1 and 2, however, might work, but I'm not sure. I opened the "ouft" resource and chose "Create New Resource" from the Resource menu, and it gave me space to type the Hex (?) code. Is this how to edit ships, outfits, etc.? If it is, how do you actually make a PLUGIN of that, not just an edited version of EVO?

These are all the questions I can think of at the moment.
Again, thanks A LOT for your help.


Look in the "plug ins" file. I think there should be a file called "sample plugin". Open this using Resedit. You should get a blank file. Now, use Resedit to cut&paste; the templates into the file. Now leave the templates there and don't touch them. Now, open EVO data 1 and 2, select all, and paste it into the plug in.

Congratulations! You now have a plug that will do absolutely nothing. All the data in the normal game will be replaced with identical data from the plug. Now, say you wanted to make Crescent Warships cost 5 credits. Go into the "ship" resource, and find "crescent warship". If you installed the templates correctly, you should see a series of fields instead of illegible hex stuff. Go to the field that says "cost". Delete whatever is there and then type in "5" for 5 credits. Boom! Crescent warships now cost 5 credits. Using intuition and the EVO bible for reference (it explains exactly what all the fields do), you can make blaze cannons shoot all the way across the system, make freighters as fast as Azdaras, give a turncoat a million jumps of fuel, or make neutron cannons home. Use your imagination! Explore!

Another note that you won't need to know unless you are going to release your plug to the public: You are currently replacing every data resource in the game. If there is no change, then there is no need to replace them. If you decide you like Miranu Couriers the way they are, you can go ahead and delete them from your plug. When override loads, it will not see a resource that will replace the Miranu Courier, so it will leave it alone and use the default.

The best way to learn is to experiment. Edit a few resources at a time, consult the EVO Bible, and have fun! However, don't ever EVER open up anything in the system folder of your computer with resedit. At least until you know how to use it. Also, don't change anything in the original EVO data file. (Copying is OK, pasting is not).

More questions? Just post here...

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