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Ok, I'm a little busy (I'm at work), so I can't test this out right now: can you make an "anti-fuel scoop"? An outfit that takes fuel away from your system.

Why would you want this? Well, first I started thinking about a sort of Sargasso Sea where ships get caught (lots of disabled ships on screen and an "invisible" ship with lots of tractor beams), but realized that the player could just jump out of the system to escape.

If the player landed on a derelict ship and that activated a mission, however, an outfit that would constantly drain his fuel could be added with an excuse something like, "You link into the derilicts computers systems and a virus begins to affect your propulsion systems."

So, any thoughts/experience with an anti-fuel scoop?



I answered my own question: a modVal of -1 to oütf modType 18 gives a very fast decrease in fuel.

Idea of a Sagasso Sea is probably do-able. Might make a nice addition as a trap laid by pirates. Have a setup like in EV where derelict ships are used as a decoy, but when you board the ship, your nav system gets a virus and you can't jump out of the systen you're in. With the ModType2 and ModVal2 fields, you can even make it more interesting in that you could also make it so it hoses your turning speed or acceleration.

What'd be even more evil would be something that starts draining your shields. I haven't been able to make an anti sheild recharging outfit (constantly drains your shields instead of adding to them), but maybe someone else has?

Just wanted to share some ideas in case someone would find them useful. I tinker and make small plugs for myself, so feel free to use this someone wouldn't 😉



Those are very interesting concepts, But I'm too lazyh to ever implement them into Era.

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ERA for EV:

(still in alpha stages)


Originally posted by seant:
**... so feel free to use this someone wouldn't;)

Indeed. 😉

The Sargasso Sea concept is an awfully cool idea. It could be a trap set by pirates as you mentioned, or perhaps an area of space where the normal laws of physics do not apply. (Or the effects of a vast amoeba-like creature as in that long-ago episode of the original Star Trek--what was the name of that episode, anyway?) I've been considering a shield-draining experience to my plug, but haven't tried to implement it yet. If I do, and actually finish the plug, you shall be gratefully acknowledged.


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