Stuff on Discovery

I would just like to say the progress is slow but steady, and we already have some:

Actual programming

..done. It also has its own private webboard and soon we will have a site up. Remember that if you have any questions on Discovery at all just go to:

Ask any questions you have there and they will be answered. Also, in the site you will be able to see some screen shots of Discovery if you want. Hopefully, we will also hold a page that shows everything that the various members of my team have done, be it graphics, sounds plugs ect.

Remember if you would like to do any work on Discovery or help out in any way then you can always e-mail me at Please include your name and skills as well as any plugs you have previously made.

The programming I have managed to do is small, but well planned and will not need to be changed. I've made everything on the first 2 governments, that's all the:

Also, we have most of the graphics for the human government. I have started work on the first bit of the galaxy, doing spöbs as I go along. It is coming along nicely. We are soon going to disribute the plug to the 10-strong team very soon when the website is up. Until then, graphics and ideas have all been sent and proccesedto me, and we have had several discussions on what names and ideas to have on the board.

Hope this will keep you up-to-date with Discovery. If any of you think the project is dead, you are very wrong. It will continue untill it is finished. To all of you who ever thought I couldn't do it, I hope to prove you wrong when it comes out. 😛


this, I'm going to bed.