Event Horizon

I don't think the mud post is going terribly well and it just might be through popularity of the name. Poor Yorrick, HAHAHHAHAHHAHHHAHAHHAHAHHAHH! I'll never get tired of that one.

Anyway a few things to discuss.

1st: Use #evh. I don't think anyone except myself has used it. It's on Efnet.

2nd: I still think the mud system is the way to go. But I need more information.

3rd: I've realised that the main problem people have with a multiplayer EV is the story/ mission bit. You can't just take the EVO missions and slam them into a network game. The reason behind this is that EVO is a single player game. So how do we solve this? Make a story that involves more than one person. For example:

Domination. If your involved with a government who hates someone else, then they'll want to destroy and take over the other government. This would involve more than one ship. Thus the government would ask for the help of many of its comrades to help. And likewise the other government would employ the help of its friends to defend them and perhaps organize a counter-attack.

Any more ideas of multiplayer missions would be great.


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