Has anyone seen Strata 3D?Stunning.It's almost as Uni Graphics.And i thought Pixels 3D was good.Thats what Aircad is going to use alot meessa thinks.

Aircad inc.

Have not seen it yet. Is it worth downloading?

What is it and where can I get it?

It got em' in my sights!

C'mon Jake, anyone can figure out the answer to both those questions within 3 seconds.

Strata 3D - even if you have never heard of it....I'm pretty sure the name gives it away, but obviously you can't so here it is : Its a 3D creation application (it was used to make those kick ass images in Myst(hard to believe that game was made like 7 years ago on IIci's))

Where can you get it? - It should be a habit by now to just type in the name of the product then add .com to the address. Again you obviously can't figure it out so here it is : (url="http://"")

Sorry for sounding so bitch, but I hate dumb questions like this that a toddler can figure out.


There's a FULL copy of Srata 3d Studio Pro on some macformat CD...June '98 I think. It doesn't seem to work on my iMac but works fine on my (prototype !) 6100 Powermac.

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Does anyone know where to get a manual for Strata 3D (Acrobat or some similar format)? I'm having a tough time figuring it out, as it's my 1st 3D program.

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