I am in desperate need of ship graphics for my EVO plug in, Empire's Fall. (Info available at (url="http://"")") There aren't that many that I need, just 12 or so, and until I get the graphics, work on the plug cannot proceed.

If you are interested in helping, please email me at


I would if I could but I cant, i am already so swamped... 😛

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I may be able to help you...

I'm just learning to 3d model myself, using Mechanisto. I've completed 8 ships so far. I'm trying to learn how to make target graphics then I should be able to realease the graphics free for download on my page...

If you don't want to wait a few days for me to finish me learning experience you can check out Evula's layer ( When the page loads, go to the EV section, I think you click on links, then shipyard links...He has links to most every free shipyard out there.

You can email me ( and tell me what you would want done as far as ships...I could also send you some sample pics of what I have done so far.

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Originally posted by Kraig Hill:

I'm trying to learn how to make target graphics


A good idea might be to use the EVGEs' (EV Graphics Enhancer) ideas. Get a shipyard version of your ship, and then put a green or whatever colour behind it and put labels on. Maybe I could do that for you. You'd have to let me use your graphics though...

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If you want a good green target pic (with mechanisto anyway, should work with others but i dont use them so i wouldn't know), just choose a couple of greens that are close to the ones used in EV, then apply them to every part of your ship and render it at the shipyard pic angle in wireframe. The only thing left to do after that is put it in a graphics/text program like clarisworks and add the labels. You can also edit out parts of the ship you dont want shown on the targ pic in clarisworks. I might be willing to help as well. I'll emaail you.

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