Interesting idea, methinks.

You can include .mov files in EV/O plugs right? So what's to stop you from including Quicktime VR scenes? They're also in .mov format, and all the information needed to operate them is in the file iteslf, so you wouldn't need to monkey around with the source code. You can also like VR scenes to other .mov files, as well as web sites ad apple scripts (I think).

Imagine landing on a planet, being able to look at a 360ű view of the spaceport, and zooming in to find a secret .mov that tells you where to get a special misson! It would add a whole new meaning to EV! For example, you would be ina spaceport, and you could zoom in to where a person was standing. When you clicked on the person, it would link to another .mov of him telling you how to get a special misson. It would be very, vbery knarly.

With the link to websites feature in QTVR files, there could be a new concept to EV! You could link to a hidden site that included information or spoilers. Or even (heaven forbid), advertising. You could include a poster of a well known company, so that when you clicked on it, it took you to there website. It could make some developers in need of money for applications a tidy sum.

This may have been brought up on the old discboards, if it has, and it has ruled out as an impossible dream, then forgive my naivety, I just thought it may be a pretty cool idea (Especially in conjuction with EV 3!).

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I like the idea about using the QTVR movies in EVO, but one problem sticks out in my mind: When you are at the point when a movie would be shown, EVO has complete control over the computer. In other words, you wouldn't be able to access web sites, certain functions of Applescript wouldn't work, and there's also the possibility that the QTVR files wouldn't work properly.

However, if the QTVR files work in EVO, you could use it as an alternative to the desc resource so that, if you didn't find what you're supposed to look for, you don't accept the mission, etc...
Just a thought.

Also, QTVR wouldn't work for EV3D, since the images in QTVR are static (at least, for now) You're probably thinking of QuickDraw 3D. That's just one possible method for drawing 3D objects in real time.

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