Ship Graphics

Ok I have my sprites for my ships and such. Now I would like to know (step by step if possible) how you get your sprites to go with a certain ship.

Let me maybe make it a little bit clearer, I have my ship stats and my ship pics and I need to get them together so EVO knows which ones go with which ship.

Anybody feel like helping a dense person out.


You need to make spďn resources. In a spďn resource, you define the sprite ID and the mask ID, which are the PICT resource IDs of the ship's sprite and mask. You also define the size of each frame and the number of frames by the number of frames the image is.

To link it with your ship, the spďn ID needs to be the same as your shďp ID. That's it!


Additionally I recommend the Object Formulas(?), a step by step guide which explains all necessary resources. (and Pontus' calculator)
Oh wait, did you say EVO? Well, maybe there's something similar.

- Marko