[ANN] -- EV Override 1.0.2 released

Ambrosia Software, Inc. has just released an EV Override 1.0.2 Updater. This updater only works if you already have an earlier version of EV Override. If you do not already have EV Override, you need to download the complete EV Override 1.0.2 package.

This updater brings EV Override up to EV Override 1.0.2, the latest version which contains a number of bug fixes and adds a number of new features. All of the files in the EV Override 1.0.2 Update should be extracted into your existing EV Override folder to properly upgrade EV Override to version 1.0.2.

Pilot files from previous versions of EV Override do NOT work with EV Override 1.0.2. You WILL need to start a new pilot with this version.

To obtain the EV Override 1.0.2 update, go to:



The following is a list of the bugs/additions in EV Override 1.0.2:

-- Removed spaceport bar from Verrill prime after destuction

-- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the warp out sound to play multiple times

-- Changed default secondary trigger to the control key

-- Fixed some spelling errors in various mission text

-- Added a field to force up to 4 pers ships to always appear in a system

-- Weapon ammo type -999 will now cause the firing ship to be destroyed

-- Added ship type pilot skill variance

-- Finally fixed the bug that would cause all ships to appear the same

-- Zidagar ships given natural fuel regeneration (not player)

-- ships with solar panels (including player) given natural fuel regeneration

-- shield-related outfits drain fuel

-- UE Cruisers will appear via dudes after appropriate missions done

-- certain weapons (dispy rockets, defence pods) will detonate when count is up

-- brief 'Fine' mission added in relation to space mines

-- a few other changes implemented for b4/5

-- Made beams display a little nicer

-- Added a little randomness to keep computer ships from stacking up

-- Afterburners implemented for numerous ships.

-- shields reduced slightly for all fighters and other highly manoeuvrable ships

-- missing STR# added for Miranu Station (found this one myself : )

-- smoke trails implemented for a few weapons

-- x-offsets implemented for a few ships (UE and Voinian fighters)

-- marine outfit is given out to player during the UE D'Erlon missions

-- blind spots implemented for a few ships (human freighters and cargo transporters)

-- Missions can take away the player's money if desired

-- Added an activate-on-bit-cleared option to oops resources

-- Purchasing outfit items can alter mission bits

-- Outfit items can have secondary effects

-- Fleets can be controlled by mission bits

-- Allowed default inherent AI type in dude resource

-- Added flags to make AI ships more selective about missile selection

-- Beam weapons now stop when they hit something

-- Extended most resource templates by a few bytes for future expansion

-- Added a StartBitSet field to mission resource

-- Made the planet picture in the communication dialog a little nicer

-- Added a flag to optionally show target's armor on status display

-- Added mission bit support to 'dude' resources

-- Added a flag to support flak-type weapons

-- Added projectile weapon strength decay option

-- Adjusted freefall bomb speed

-- Added support for anti-fuel-scoop type outfits that drain fuel

-- Added oufit resource picture conflict workaround

-- Ships can have default outfit items at purchase time

-- Ships can have inherent fuel regeneration ability

-- Fixed a bug that was causing turrets to be somewhat inaccurate

-- Fixed the crooked beams problem

-- Fixed the start-disabled flag in the govt resources so it works again

-- Added the capability for AI ships to use afterburners

-- Added a "Marines" outfit type for plugin developers to use

-- AI ships can perform slightly more complex combat maneuvers

-- Added a fix for the users who couldn't hyperspace

-- Added reverse target-cycling (hold down shift + target key)

-- AI ships are no longer confused by rear attacks

-- Fixed a bug that would prevent some fleet types from appearing

-- Improved beam visibility slightly

-- Added ability to specify turret blind spots

-- Added the AvailShipType field and some related flags to the mission resource

-- Fixed the flickering communications message bug

-- Cycling targets once again allows a "no target" selection

-- Added an x-offset capability for unguided projectiles and beam weapons

-- Moved the armor indicator label into a pict resource

-- Made combat AI difficulty proportional to combat rating

-- Weapons can have smoke trails

-- Added a RefuseBitSet field to the mission resources

-- Unlicensed copies of the game no longer crash on startup

Andrew Welch / el Presidente / Ambrosia Software, Inc.

Keep up the good work and make a new escape veloctiy 3! hehe.

Admiral Zombat

"..Insanity is the next step..."
-Admiral Zombat


Originally posted by Admiral Zombat:
Keep up the good work and make a new escape veloctiy 3! hehe.


We are indeed working on such a beast.

Andrew Welch / el Presidente / Ambrosia Software, Inc.