Micah L and anyone else at Aeon

Micah, You told me a while ago that someone at Aeon might be willing to help me do some graphics for an old TC (the reason I didn't upload it after all, sorry) and I'm just wondering how the hell I can communicate with you guys.

I emailed you at the address you gave me, it said i couldn't coz I wasn't part of the group.
I went and joined, but the membership is pending and waiting for a moderator to accept it. The group is unmoderated! 😕
The echelon web board is obviously stuffed, and no one uses it obviously since the last post was a fair while ago.

Mind telling me what the hell is going on? 😕

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E-mail: maridian@angelfire.com

Message from UE Crusader:

Tell him to try again, and I'll attempt to approve him since I'm still a
moderator. If this fails, we can go from there.

Try re-subscribing, and we'll see what happens.

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