Can't Land Can't Sell

Why are several of the junk resources in EV assigned incorrect planets? Endor and New Sahara, for example, don't even have commodity exchanges, but both are designated selling or buying points for a junk resource. Perseus II (the bug juice planet) is another matter. You can't even land!
Was this intended as an enticement for plug-in developers or was this information merely included to puzzle people who spend too much time using ResEdit? 🙂


probably the latter, since that isn't the only thing that's in EV to confuse people that use resedit too much.

Look at the button pics. Back Room, Requisition Escort, (Buy a drink was in someone's, must have been an older vers than 1.0.5).

Also , what is with the Demand More, Accept Payment buttons? I assume they're for when you have a good rep and you attack people they ask for mercy, but I've never gotten the dialog. Has anyone???

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