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I'm creating an EVO TC plug-in and I need to know if you don't have as many systems as EVO how can you delete the old ones that get in your way? I do mean the normal way!

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Are you sure you want to start off with a total conversion of EVO, before you know a little more about resediting?

This is just a suggestion, but I hope you all the luck on your plugin. One word of advice plan everything out before hand.

The Great Expansion - An upcoming total conversion of EVO

Don't worry Phil, I've done a tiny plug-in before, but enough to get me in touch with the basics, im my new plug-in tho is where the fun begins, loadsa new ships, weapons, and systems.

G4, the faster computer.

I'm not sure, but I think you have to replace all the systems you don't use with blank ones. Every field with a value of -1, for every system you don't replace with a new one.

Can anyone confirm this?


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There still has to be a resource occupying the ID slot, so systems can't be removed, but they can be hidden from the user. Delete all links to and from the system - this involves looking at it's resource to find which systems it's connected to, then removing the connection to the target system in each one. If you simply reset the links in the system you want to hide, you'll still be able to jump to it: unfortunately you won't be able to leave again.

The above will remove the system from the map and prevent access to it. To finish the job properly you'll have to make sure missions aren't offered there. With string-specific (ie. plotline type) missions this isn't a problem, since you'll probably be re-using all those slots anyway, but generic trading missions (take X tons of Y to planet Z) are usually offered by govt type.

The tricky part here is that planets have govt's, but systems don't, so you'll have to make sure you've changed the govt type for all spob's in the syst. If you can re-use the spob ID by re-assigning it to another syst, fine. Otherwise the easiest way seems to be to create a govt whose sole purpose is to contain unwanted spobs, then make sure that all "lose" (ie. un-reused) spob's are re-assigned to this govt.

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All you need to do is assign all the unused systems a visbit which is never flipped by any missions. These systems will never appear on maps or in missions.