New Mission Writer for Cove

OK, you will remember a while back that Meowx posted a topic asking for 4 mission writers for their plug. I put my name down, along with ColdFusion, Obormot, and Walter.

Anyway, I'm no longer doing it, so anyone that wants to take my position, email david at

I think that's right. Also, and extremely important, the plug needs 32mb RAM to run, so don't ask unless you have that much to spare.

BTW, i suppose David and the others will fill you in on what you're doing.

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Ummm, actually that's:
Thanks in advance!

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Incidentally, if no one is willing to help out, I'd gladly take the additionial load.

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I'll help you out. I'm not the best at doing missions, but I'll do what I can. What I am good at is writing the descriptions of the missions. My mission writing isn't bad but, I'm telling you now i'm not the best.

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