Ambrosia Hacked?!

I just got notified that Ambrosia site was hacked recently. Because of this, we cannot delete our own topics anymore. (in order to delete topics of your own, edit one of your messages in your topic and there should be two boxes at the top. One to disable smiles, and another one to delete the topic).

Does anybody know who hacked Ambrosia or why? It's rather inconvienent to not be able to delete the topics at will.

I suggest that Ambrosia replace the 'delete topic' button with a 'ask moderator to delete topic' button (of course, not necesessarily using those words, but you get the idea). That way, the computer would automatically send an email to the moderator asking for that specific topic to be deleted. Of course, just like before, only the person who posted the topic could request the topic removal. What do you think?


Please keep your answers from being negative. I'd don't want to have to ask ambrosia to delete this topic because it's creating some kind of controversy. I'd appreciate it. 🙂

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That sounds like a reasonable suggestion.

(Now I'd like to dust off my ninth-grade geometry teacher's bromide about 'a couple of bad apples spoiling things for everyone else,' but I'm at work and don't have time...)

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Read this on 'Ambrosia Banter' - straight from Andrew's keyboard:

'We know who it is that deleted the posts; it wasn't a flaw in UBB, but rather a leaked password; this potential threat has been nixed.

Let's drop the subject and move on, please...


access: - - (18/Apr/2000:12:56:40 -0400) "GET
19.cgi&TopicSubject;=Death+Penalty|QUS| HTTP/1.0" 200 2799

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Someone's principal is getting a call....

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Oh, bull****. We all know andrew never listens to us or anyone - it's always Hector using that new ViaVoice software and a big amp.


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Could I have an order of Discboard with that?


Originally posted by Skunko7:

Oh, bull**. We all know andrew never listens to us or anyone - it's always Hector using that new ViaVoice software and a big amp.



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