Name the Best Plug-ins you've ever played, EV and EV:O. Give the unique features that made you like the Plug, and what were the ships that you thought looked the best, helped you the best, and fought the best, for each Plug-in. Name the System that the missions revolved around in the Plug, What was the best weapon or outfit. Name the main character that gave you the missions.
Example: Escape Velocity: Override (pretend this is the Plug)
-Coolest looking: Miranu Gunship
-Ship that helped the Best: Frieght-Courier
-Ship that fought the Best: UE Cruiser
Main System: Sol
Weapon: Blaze Turrets (just an example)
Main Character: Admiral McPherson


I'll Explain Why I asked for this in a few days.

...Sorry for asking this for the who knows how manyth(not a number or a word, I know) time

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If you ask me, the best plugin is the guitar. Great sound. Great music. Awesome ships. It really should be shareware.


EV303 wrote:

It really should be shareware.

Don't say that. You don't want shareware plug-ins, trust me. They are SO annoying. All plug-ins (with the possible exception of Nova, which isn't out yet but I assume from what I heard should be pretty good. ) should be freeware.

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EV303 wrote:
If you ask me, the best plugin is the guitar. Great sound. Great music. Awesome ships. It really should be shareware.

Lemme guess, your own?


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Frozen Heart:

  • Coolest; Tach. Fighter

  • Most help; Wanderer

  • Best fighter; Tach. Fighter

Main system; Thallos (well, it's s˙st ID 128 )
Weapon; IMP Missles
Main character; Lars Sřrensson

OpenGL Avara!

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Plug-In: Satori Station 🙂

Coolest looking ship:Confed Carrier

Ship that helped the best:Rebel Gunboat

Ship that fought the best:Confed Carrier

Main System:Satori

Best weapon:Rebel Gunboat bay

(favorite)Main Character:Agent Epsilon Parking

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