EVO 1.0.2b4 change list

Thought this might interest y'all


EVO Scenerio Changes:

-- Afterburners implemented for numerous ships.

-- shields reduced slightly for all fighters and other highly manoeuvrable ships

-- missing STR# added for Miranu Station (found this one myself : )

-- smoke trails implemented for a few weapons

-- x-offsets implemented for a few ships (UE and Voinian fighters)

-- marine outfit is given out to player during the UE D'Erlon missions

-- blind spots implemented for a few ships (human freighters and cargo transporters)

New things:

-- Missions can take away the player's money if desired

-- Added an activate-on-bit-cleared option to oops resources

-- Purchasing outfit items can alter mission bits

-- Outfit items can have secondary effects

-- Fleets can be controlled by mission bits

-- Allowed default inherent AI type in dude resource

-- Added flags to make AI ships more selective about missile selection

-- Beam weapons now stop when they hit something

-- Extended most resource templates by a few bytes for future expansion

-- Added a StartBitSet field to mission resource

-- Made the planet picture in the communication dialog a little nicer

-- Added a flag to optionally show target's armor on status display

-- Added mission bit support to 'dude' resources

-- Added a flag to support flak-type weapons

-- Added projectile weapon strength decay option

-- Adjusted freefall bomb speed

-- Added support for anti-fuel-scoop type outfits that drain fuel

-- Added oufit resource picture conflict workaround

-- Ships can have default outfit items at purchase time

-- Ships can have inherent fuel regeneration ability

Recently-Introduced Bugs Fixed:

-- mission ships no longer appear right at the center of the system

-- turret blind spots now work for AIs' turreted beam weapons

-- changed refusebitset to work like the other bitset fields

-- added support for up to 8 types of smoke sprites

-- made combat a little easier for newbies

Previous 1.0.2 changes:

-- Fixed a bug that was causing turrets to be somewhat inaccurate

-- Fixed the crooked beams problem

-- Fixed the start-disabled flag in the govt resources so it works again

-- Added the capability for AI ships to use afterburners

-- Added a "Marines" outfit type for plugin developers to use

-- AI ships can perform slightly more complex combat maneuvers

-- Added a fix for the users who couldn't hyperspace

-- Added reverse target-cycling (hold down shift + target key)

-- AI ships are no longer confused by rear attacks

-- Fixed a bug that would prevent some fleet types from appearing

-- Improved beam visibility slightly

-- Added ability to specify turret blind spots

-- Added the AvailShipType field and some related flags to the mission resource

-- Fixed the flickering communications message bug

-- Cycling targets once again allows a "no target" selection

-- Added an x-offset capability for unguided projectiles and beam weapons

-- Moved the armor indicator label into a pict resource

-- Made combat AI difficulty proportional to combat rating

-- Weapons can have smoke trails

-- Added a RefuseBitSet field to the mission resources

-- Unlicensed copies of the game no longer crash on startup

Andrew Welch / el Presidente / Ambrosia Software, Inc.

Sweet. 🙂 _Syntax should make it so that the AI can make use of cloaking devices. Star Trek Plug will be designed for 1.0.2 in a few ways:

  • The HUD looks like **** in 1.0.1, but the HUD's black background will work properly in 1.0.2.

  • Some ships will actually come with cloaking devices.

OpenGL Avara!

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While I was reading those new features, I actually hugged the school's iMac in joy. You actually care about us! You've LISTENED to us! Bob bless your souls! Sigh... what heavenly euphoria I now experience. You know, you guys are adding so many new features to this game... what do you think about upping the version number to 1.1?



andrew wrote:
**Thought this might interest y'all


EVO Scenerio Changes:**

"Added a RefuseBitSet filed to misn resource"

Hmmm - gonna add a CompReward reversal flag similar to the one for aborting a mission? Some govts might get huffy if a pilot refuses a mission 🙂


Great! but 1 more thing.
whens it can we get it????