How Does Martin Turner do it?

How on earth did Martin turnerr get 3D graphics? is there some plug-making secreat I don't know? did he make each and evry graphic alone? I Must Know!
(Sory if I sound to demanding, I'm just really intrested.)

I'm maiking a team for a big plug-in. I've practised and I can make loads of stuff. (Provided I have the graphics, which I can't do.) If you have some graphics, I would like to use them.

Yoshi Lover

Hmmm... I can see it on a resume 5 years later "Made graphics for Yoshi Lover."

Seriously, graphics are easily the hardest to find thing. And I'm starting to wonder who makes all these peoples' sounds.


Small animal kamikaze attack on power supplies

Could I have an order of Discboard with that?

To my knowledge, he used Strata's Vision3d 5.0. I use 4.0 for my 3d graphics, and other people use some $500 dollar metacreations software like Infini-D and RayDream. All you need for 3d graphics is either some good software or a (url="http://"")free shipyard(/url).

Micah L (Aeon Productions), (url="http://"")

This is quite correct. I currently use StrataVision 3d 5.0, although some of the Frozen Heart Graphics (Hunter Killer, Asteroids) were made in Extreme 3d, and most of the ones actually in the game were made in the free StrataVision 4.0. A few of the Femme Fatale graphics were made in Pixels 3d (free version) and rendered in StrataVision. Almost all of the scenes were made in Bryce 2.0 (in fact, most of them were made in the DEMO version, using SnapzPro to capture them before the DEMO message came up). The people were made in Poser 1.0 (free with a magazine) and 3.0 (paid for upgrade)

I'm now using Bryce 4 (bought), Poser 4.0 (given to me, because I was a Beta tester), StrataVision 5.0 (because I still like it) and, of course, Photoshop.

If you mean how did I get the 3d spin effect (which, by the way, some people hate), it's just a question of animating your object to tilt as it goes. It's more of a trick than anything else. It usually takes me several tries before it looks like something I want.

By the way, I'm remaking a lot of the graphics right now, with better shapes and better textures for the ones I was never quite comfortable with (Scoutship, Bulk Freighter, Falcon, Icax, Buccanneer etc).

Hope this helps.


M A R T I N • T U R N E R

As far as sounds go - there are numerous ways to get/produce them. There are lots of CD-ROM collections of nothing but sounds, and there are an infinite number (maybe not) of sources out there that you can just record sounds from - just bring a tape player outside or to the TV or something. Or better yet, your computer microphone. You can make noises with your mouth too, although those tend to get a bit messy, so you clean those up with sound software. Software like SoundEdit can generate sounds - this is useful for beeps and laser sounds, but when it's used for missiles (like EV does) it's lousy. Well, decent, but not great.

Mike Lee (Firebird)

Firebird, I tried to create some of my own sounds using my computer mic, but when I placed them in EV they did not speak. Do they need to be converted in some way to match EV format?

Mace means no.