Funky idea: can it be done? could it be put into 1.0.2?

I got this idea as a solution to the + 1/4 other type damage which makes it impossible for something to do 0 damage in one area (unless it does no damage at all), but I came up with other uses for it, too. Negative Damage. See, to have it say do 4 damage to shields and 0 to armor, you'd put 4 in the shields dmg, and -1 in the armor dmg. Then I thought you could also make something like a recharger beam. Say you're in a battle and you have some escorts, you could fire a beam with negative dmg in both fields to recharge them. That would give a cool advantage. The problem would be though, if the escort thought you were attacking it, or it might not even hit it since it's an escort, of course this is besides whether you can have a negative dmg.


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Isn't that already possible...hmmm

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No, I don't think it's possible. Besides, escorts never take hits from your weapons.

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Nope, tried that a long time ago for exactly the same reason. Everything I tried didn't work. No shield without armor damage, no armor without sheild damage, and obviously no shield or armor restoration... :frown:

Should be a relatively easy fix though...

If it were to be implemented, how would an AI distinguish between help and an attack... What if, if the beam causes damage then it is considered an attack, if the beam causes no damage or regenerates damage then it is ignored.


I tried to make a beam that did no damage to shields but blew the crap out of armour. Tried neg value in one field, pos in another, but it always did damage. Likewise, tried putting neg in both fields, but it did no damage, and definitely didn't recharge anything.

Although that was on EV, not EVO. I can't be stuffed doing anything with that.

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Maby when you hail somebody (When you get that "Greetings" "Request Assistance" End Communication") you could add a "Recharge Shields" button. Maby you would have to bump up the weapons power to augment this. If you hail a shuttlecraft or freighter that is under attack, you could offer to recharge their shields. You could make these "Recharge Ships" with a fair amount of armor, but a ton of these beams, therefore they recharge shields faster. What would also be cool was if the distance affected the recharge rate. I do not see any way to do this with the current EVO engine, but maby, if we are nice enough to the Ambrosia crew, they might implement it. Cool!