One of the more interesting ideas I've come up with...

This is an idea for a plug that could be damn near impossible to make.

I started thinking a plug were you could battle various ships from various plugs. I'm just scratching on what I want this to be, unfourtunately I'm no ResEdit God, and can't put this together myself. This is what I have:

Starts out in the EV Universe, unchanged, Rebels and Confeds are still going at it, when a strange new system appears out of nowhere. The system is Pale and no one knows it, you scope it out, come back and your contact says, "hmm very interesting" Well ships begin to change around the EV Universe and they eventually integrate in the Pale ships (Most of the EV ships were replaced by the graphics in Pale).

Then the Planets are jumping out of nowhere in the northwest part of the Galaxy, its the EVGE Universe (or part of it). Soon after new ships begin to appear to aid both sides(Confederate & Rebels) these are some of the Final Battle ships. The New Diphidia and Astex Corps ships from Galactic Scourge.

All of a sudden a warp gate appears from the Sol System and it goes to... the.... the... the.... Escape Velocity: Override Galaxy, the galaxies are basically going "what the hell?" so you decide to do some missions for UE and a Warp gate appears the connects the two Kelmaon Systems accross the Galaxy, New Systems and ships appear where the Miranu discovered a new planet using the Nebula Penetration Device and it the F-25 Systems and ships.

2 new gates appear in the Sol Systems and they Both lead to the same place the Sol of the Frozen Heart, and you all are wondering why there are 3 earths and all these wierd systems and ships begin appearing, until another gate opens leading from the all the Earths into the middle. You are asked to go there and your greeted by a message saying something about other beings wanting to inhabiting your galaxies, for thier own benefit, you amass forces from all the various Plugs and governments (differences will be settled with the fueding gov'ts) and you destroy the first wave of ships, you then find out that theres another jumpgate and it lead to their systems you must destroy all of them with a huge fleet and destroy them rather than being destroyed.

Well thats impossible to do unless you can support over 100 ships instead of 64. I think it would be a cool Plug.


Your idea sounds insane.

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Its more then insane, its something i would think of. 🙂
But i don't see anything like that coming for a long time, sorry Cow

Can i have a Q for Quick?

Actually, it sounds like the Ares for EVO topic - bizarre but rather humorous.

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What about this?

EV deals very lightly in the Civil war, very little changes. Pale deals more extensively with it, adding the element of tactics and the upgrading of current ships as well as politics and the like. EVGE does not deal with this much but it takes an appropriate look at human expansion. Final battle actualy leads the Civil war to a conclusion (I have not played it to the end but I am pretty sure it does) and deals with ship developement propperly but does not deal with the moral, political and social aspects of the war. EVES (if it ever released) is particularly good at dealing with an alternate point of view about what happened with the Aliens. New Horizons ends the civil war and discusses the effects of it
on the people involved as well as properly maps out human expansion. New Republic (I was once a beta tester) is particularly good at dealing with the events after a Rebel victory. Over all, these plugs seem to all be essentialy different chapters in one story line. If the weapons and ships could be made to be relatively continuos (except for technology advancements, which would be explained in the course of the plug) then consievably these plugs could be altered to all be in one chain of plugs.

You would start out in a combination of the Pale and EVGE universe accept with none of the respective governments (especialy the EVGE new ones) as powerful. The fleets would not be as big, the aliens would not be about and each government would not have anything greater then cruiser class. Through missions you would be introduced to various charecters from different governments, (this is where clavius (sp?) comes in, sort of) the missions would progress to the point where each side had introduced or (if the R and D project is mysteriously sabotaged heh heh heh..) was going to introduce, a new, heavier line of warships. I can not list all the going ons at this stage but some of the things that would be up in the air at the end of the plug would be: "who will Pale Ally with? (EVGE govts included) are the aliens still alive as told to you mysteriously by a spy in the Confederation? Will the small skirmishing that takes place in the plug break into full blown war? Will the new, heavier warships lead to an all out arms race? I think you get the idea, this plug does not have any big plot twists in it but rather works in smaller scale things like in normal E.V. and sets the stage for the next plug.

The next plug is the previous plug advanced 1-3 years into the future. It features a plot that continues the sort of arms developement and espionage of the previous plug but at a more intense and serious pace but mor eimportantly it adds intrigue with the aliens as in EVES. The plug ends with a few medium sized shifts in politics and that sort of thing but more importantly it focuses on the aliens. The plug brings the alien buisness to some sort of conclusion. (one which I can not think of) After that, it becomes very muddy because of all the things that have since been developed, but presumedly the Confederation is defeated or some sort of truce is achieved. After that there could be a New Republic type deal but that depends on how the third one is ended.

I am making this up as I go along so it has a lot of holes but all of you get the basic idea right? Oh, this whole thing could probly be sold as a sepperate project too, or even made into an EV overide overide or something like that.
It will probly never be made though, too much time and effort...