ResEdit or EvEdit?

Which is better? I am a begining developer, so which should I use? Which is easier to make plugins with, has more features etc.


Ummmmm.... EV-Edit is for people who want to waste time.

ResEdit is for people who want a bug-free (unless they actually make the bug themselves) plug-in. ResEdit is a programmer's tool, EV-Edit is a program designed to make plug-ins more "quickly", when all it most does is make a whole bunch of errors you have to use ResEdit on to fix.

With EV-Edit you don't need to memorize flag types, recall what ID# of the certain thing you want is... EV-Edit is "easier", but if you want to design a serious plug... learn how to do it in ResEdit.

tear it down

I think it is better to use a different plug editor for different things. Schmelta V for missions, dudes and pers, EEEV for governments, Map developer for maps and Res-Edit for finishing off things you made in EEEV (it doesn't let you do everything for govts) and for anything else like spins etc.

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You have to ask? Res, and EVO Dev Map 1.0b2


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