Hey Kwanza...

Ever since I sent you those prevews, I haven't heard a word from you. I figure that either you have work that's preventing you from writing, or you didn't care to say whether you liked them or not.

I hope I didn't scare you off or anything. Anyway, I'm posting this post just out of curiosity and to let you know of some updates.

I have in my possession the newest version of the Star Trek Encycolopedia which has come to be an invaluable asset. It lists everything that I'd want including the stellars of the galaxy (on charts), and ship names and history and so forth.

I've recently collected all of the computer written compositions of the Star Trek theme songs. No big deal, but they sure are fun and usefull when I get around to making the intro music for the game.


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I'm still here, and still working. Your ships are very nice, and detailed. I cannot do that in Mechanisto. I too have all three Star Trek Encyclopedias, 1994, 1997, and 1999 along with the Star Trek Omnipedia 1995. I'm pretty much loaded with info stuff and ideas. On the plug status, I'd say I'm working on it, graphics, programming, all of that and am kinda waiting for EVO 1.0.2 to be released before I finish. Many of the new features would be perfect for my ideas and tricks. Other then that, my plug stands curently at about 10 megs, kinda rough but works and galaxy is almost done with over 400 systems. Cool ehh... well, alright at least.

~ThE kWaNzA mAn~
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