After several irritating hours of toil, I have FINALLY created a plug-in! Actually, now I have 3 done. Here are their descriptions:

•Destroyer Bay - adds the Confederation Destroyer Heavy Fighter (available only in fighter bay form), and of course its bay. Only available after the Confed Alien missions, and still ocsts a bundle, but well worth it - Destroyers have Proton Turrets, torps, and a particle beam (ooh, ahh...).

•Sting and Hive - another fighter bay. The "Sting" light fighter has low shields and only a few cannons, but is incredibly fast and cheap. A Sting bay (aka "Hive") can hold up to 12 of these.

•Who wants to be a Billionaire? - please excuse the uncreative title. Multiplies payment for almost all missions by 1000!

Well, that's all for now (though I'm also working on an Ultimate Death Star plug-in, and a plug that reduces planetary defense fleets). If you want one for some reason, post a reply w/ email address (if not included with your profile) and I'll email you a copy of the plug(s) you request (will be sent in .sit format, must be unstuffed with Stuffit Expander).

P.S. I kept encountering a problem, where some (or, in some cases, all) of the ships' graphics in EV were replaced with those of another ship (once, every ship's onscreen graphic had been replaced with a Confed Frigate; another time, some smaller craft - Gunboats, plus some stuff from my own plugs - were replaced with Couriers or light freighters).

I tried several things to alleviate the problems, from reinstalling the EV Data, Graphics, etc. to redoing the graphics in my plugs. Finally, I removed the "TMPL" resources from the plug-ins in ResEdit, and that solved the problem!

I was wondering if anyone else had ever encountered a problem like this, or if it was just some sort of freak occurance.

P.P.S. Because of this potential problem, I won't be releasing the plug-ins on the Ambrosia download site until I figure out what's wrong. If you haven't ever heard of the problem, and it's something else wrong with my plugs, then tell me and I'll e-mail a copy to you for bug testing (I'm not an experienced plug-in creator, so I might have missed something).

P.P.P.S. I CANNOT DRAW, and thus, graphics for the fighter bay plug-ins are horrible. Destroyers are just Hawks with a dark tint, and Stings are escape pods with badly drawn wings. You have been warned.

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You can't draw. Neither can I.

But you seem to be trying. I would, but the only software I have is Monstrous Media Kit by CyberPuppy. It's a damn kid's program. (But it works, so I'm happy.)

About that problem, what did you do to the EV templates? (b4 you deleted them.)

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Maybe you just had an EVO template in an EV plug, or EV template in an EVO plug. That might have been what happened, anyway when you release your plug, you don't need the templates in there. Also, did you make sure to get rid of any other plugs that aren't yours? They could do that.