massive combinatition

i am combining E.V. E.V.O. and the frozen heart into one massive game. the galaxy is already combined and there is over 300 systems along with 25 new ones. the goverments are also complete and consist of all the original ones along with 3 new goverments and enough missions to be able to take over the whole galaxy. The last one i have done is the missions. the missions encumpass all of the galaxy and can be played with each goverment. note they are different which means there are a lot of them (over 3500). i am currently working on the weapons outfits and ships. i am nearing the end of the ships and this was one massive file. there are individual ships for each goverment no replicas and plenty of new ones to keep you going for a long time. weapons and outfits are no where close and everything else hasnt even ben started. i would appreciate any ideas you have to make it better but i warn you i only work on it in my spare time and the release isnt till atleast 2002.



wraith wrote:
**i am combining E.V. E.V.O. and the frozen heart into one massive game.

Just one question, have you gotten Martin's permission to include Frozen Heart? Also, you should know that the EVO engine cannot support every ship in all three parts of your plug. Last but not least, the EVO engine can only handle 512 missions. Have you downloaded the EVO Resource bible?

Micah L , (url="http://"")

Have you ever done a plug-in before? If not, I suggest a few small ones before you try anything big. I suppose your plug would be a total conversion (a plug that replaces everything in the galaxy). Those are INCREDIBLY hard to do and I admire the brave souls that try and suceed at making one.

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