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Hello. I wish to know our opinions on what is most important in a total conversion universe. I would also like to have one good idea or something that is really cool from each person that responds. Thanx.

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Something unique. Make each system have a different characteristic, special and different in its own way. Kinda hard to do, but possible. I have stuff like dual docking stations, etc in my upcoming plug. Read Star Trek is Here post if you're interested.

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I go with Kwanzar's idea. I try to make every planet important in some way or another, either that or comically useless.

There's not really much; if you're going to make a total conversion universe, then you will have to know what you're doing.

But you should always try to make it original, at least to EV players. Make something similar to a battletech universe (half the people here don't know it, if you do great), as an example. Star Wars has been done. Star Trek is old. Red Dwarf? Not enough information.

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Make every bit of it say 'I am this new universe'.


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Make it all internally consistant, by that I mean that everything in the universe has to fit together seemlessly, and that nothing should stick out like a sore thumb like it doesn't belong there. Also, everything adds to your storyline. In Nova a lot of the storyline and the history of the Nova Universe is actually contained in planet and bar desc's throughout. So as the player just flies around and lands everywhere, they learn about the story as they go. Make everything a seamless whole, planet descs (and their picts), bar descs, outfs (their picts and descs), ships (their picts and descs), missions with their descs, etc make a whole package. You don't just get packages where the graphics look cool and biological, but the planet scenes look cool and industrial, and the missions seem to indicate the universe is cool and technical. That kind of package just doesn't gel right.


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So you know there's plenty of information availibale for 'Red Dwarf'. I think that would make an awesome plug and if I could get someone to do the ship graphics, I'll start making one right away.