The Internet EV/O Project

It's been years since I've been here, whew! Anyway, just wondering if anyone knew anything about the project to make EV/O an online game that I heard about a couple of years ago. It'd be great if someone could tell me whether it's dead, smoldering, or just what. TIA


Am I assuming you are talking about that group project started to make EV multiplayer? That has long since failed, others have or are trying, but I seriously doubt anyone will ever finish....

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Heh, yea Mikee, I doubt any ONE will ever finish it. Too bad.



Jeez, Scurvy, a little blatant, isn't it?

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Don't worry about Scurvy, he is just a little "damaged" =P

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Check out the Topic entitled "Multiplayer Possibilities And Solutions" by Zitchas near the top of this BB, posted at 03-10-2000 03:25 PM. It deals with this subject and has a moderatly good discustion going. If your intrested, and have at least semi-original ideas, add your opinion and ideas to those contributed so far.