Anoying missions

Do you think that it would be wrong to create a mission that would lead a pilot to a dead end by making an incorrect choice? Sorta like the "spy on Rigel" mission in FH, but you would be truely, genuinely screwed? It would have sufficient warning, and would be fairly early in the game. It would not be difficult to get back to where you were.

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It would change the nature of EV/O, which probably makes it worth trying.

Ideally you would want to have this as a running thing right the way through your plugin, so that the player would get used right at the beginning to saving their game. Very like Tomb-Raider, which certainly hasn't lost following for being brutal to idiots.

Actually, one of my friends who hadn't previously played EV, when looking at an early beta of Femme Fatale, said he thought it was unrealistic that, after having messed up a mission, you could go back to the same bar and the same person would be waiting for you. I didn't take it up at the time, but it's been niggling me.

By the way, at the end of Frozen Heart, if you fail the Black Hole missions, then you really are messed up, because half of the local universe gets eaten by the whole. This has displeased some people, and others thought it was more realistic.


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HEY! That's what my plug-in is gonna do! Unfortunately im using EV so it'll be a bit harder. But I'll get it.

My idea is for 2 governernments to make an unofficial alliance, and once the rest of them are gone, that alliance becomes officical and all their systems change.

If you fail to protect them at the meeting, the alliance never takes place.

Personally, I LOVE it when that kinda stuff happens because it makes me try harder.

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I don't think Frozen Heart actually uses any features that aren't in EV, apart from the (wish I hadn't) QuickTime stuff, and one mission very early on, so you should have no problems.

I look forward to seeing your game. It sounds exciting.


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