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Well I downloaded ResEdit and EVOEDIT and started to try out editing. From what I read on these boards EVOEDIT isn't all that good. Unfortunetly I can't seem to change anything in ResEdit. Maybe I'm getting the fields and stuff mixed up. The 00000008 numbers won't change at all and I can't figure out how the other numbers correspond with anything. Can anyone explain it to me? I've read the EVO Bible and things still don't make sense.

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Okay, here's how the hex fields work.

If you have a 000004 and a 000008, it doesn't make 000012. It makes 00000B. Why, because 12 is B in hex format. So make sure you work that out. I think that's right. I just do all my flags in EVEDIT anyway.

THe rest of the fields are easy to work out with the EVO bible, but it takes time. You can't be expected to just read it and then go make a plug-in like frozen heart.

I remember the first time I read it. I was like, "holy s**t! I'll never be able to do this!"

A week later i was fluent in it all. So don't be downhearted. Just keep practicing. Hell, when i started i was making errors like only joining systems via one to another, and not back again. I didn't know what the problem was for a week.


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:frown: Well I played around some more. Out of the 8 or so tries in the spob resource I managed to somehow cause the system to cease to exist three times, earth to exist twice, caused earth to become an asteriod once, and only managed to loose the refuel capability and turn on and off a few of the different junk and other tradeable objects. sigh I'm going to spew out a few more questions, they'll sound fairly stupid I'm sure.

  1. Can you change those 0000000 numbers on the left side of the ResEdit screen?

2)are the fields the whole XXXX block of numbers of just a pair in the group of four?

  1. Is there a better editor then ResEdit or EEEVO?

Thanks for your help in advance. I'm off to try some more. 😕

I feel so stupid today.

Huh? Hexadecimal is confusing, but not that confusing. I assume you are using the templates - do you get a complete window of hex code, or just one field of hex code? I suspect you aren't using the EV template - they come with the EV/O bible, and you need to have them open at all times.

ResEdit is the standard tool of plugin creation. There's a professional, more user-friendly resource editor called Resourcerer (or is it Resorcerer?), but the price tag is a little steep for the common plug developer

The Lord of Lemmings has a very nice annotated version of the EV/O bible that explains hex pretty well. Get it at (url="http://"")

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Ok thanks I think that the templates will help some. For some reason though I can't get the EVOBAE.hqx to unstuff (it claims there's no stuffit program even when I do have stuff it). I'm not sure why it act like that but if anyone has a different version then the one avialable at Lemming's website I'd appreciate it if I could try d/ling it.

I feel so stupid today.

Dear god you were trying to do it with raw code? No wonder you were having such a hard time. I suggest EV-Edit to beginners to learn how it all works. I mean, if you make a plug-in using it and check everything with Res-Edit then you should be okay... it will take less time to do that than trying to figure out everything at once. You will later find... as you get better, that its just easier to do it all thru ResEdit.

I am working on some templates for EVO that should help newbies and even be useful to advanced pluggers... more info on that to come... I got lots of stuff for now...

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I have found one use for EV-Edit. When you put in your sprites but you aren't sure what size they are, you can copy your plug and open it with EV-Edit. Use the sizing tool to figure it out. Then, close EV-Edit, and write it in with Resedit. Thats the one good thing I've found EV-Edit to do, and it does it darn well!

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I used EV-Edit a lot for the development of Frozen Heart et al. The earlier versions tended to be less buggy (and also free).

One thing I learned fairly on is to always create a new temporary plug-in in each EV-Edit session. Aside from missions, for which EV-Edit is worse than useless, EV-Edit will look at all the plug-ins in your plug-in directory. After the editing session, you can test the plugin. If all is satisfactory, then copy all of the resources from your temporary plug-in to your main plug-in, delete the temporary and repeat the process. This prevents EV-Edit from doing what it does all too often: mangle a large, nearly finished plug.

For missions, there's only Schmelta-V.


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Ok I see what I was doing wrong, thanks for your help and listening to my crazy questions!

I feel so stupid today.