Aeon's EVO developers' page...

Yes, some of us at Aeon (plug making company made of seperate groups) are starting a developers' page.

Some things we have thought to put in it is information about plug making, is EV-Edit right for you etc....
As well as "utilities" such as an EVO map (detailed map) and maybe things like new (better) templates for ResEdit and Resorcerer... and anything else we might come up with...

Also, we will list our plug-ins we are working on, tell you all about them... who the groups need for finishing the plug etc....

To look at a possible format, that I did goto:
this is a FORMAT, pay attention to the location of things.. .not the images.
Comments, criticism... suggestions?

The "previews" are on the left, the <utils><message board><getting started page><information> links are on the right.... you will notice 4 different formats on the right... which one do you think is best?

Any ideas of what you would like to see on a new EVO page would be apprectiated, so please... posts all your ideas, suggestions... etc...


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Uhh it's OK.

As for you quote:


You have WAY to much time on your hands...

No, I just bothered to lug out a copy of Resoucerer and paste the hex in so I could read the ASCII.



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