The hole I've been hiding in..

Hello! Haven't posted in a while. Been VERY busy!

ne of the things I've been doing is creating a simple plug. It's mission based; i.e. it doesn't add any ships, outfits, etc. I wanted to keep the EVO feel. Leave the new stuff for my next plug. It's looking like a total conversion.

Here's the core of the story (plug 1): A mad renegade scientist (met in my MA plug, also not done) has developed a hyper bomb. What this weapon does is break the links between systems, causing interstellar travel between those two points to cease to exist. (All the tech jargon will be explained in a simpletext file, included w/plug)
(Plug 2): Fast forward 35 yrs.
Each cluster is stuck on its own, and will develop independently. Here's the clusters:

-UE/Miranu: Contains majority of UE + Miranu worlds. Peaceful area w/great tech.
-Renegade cluster (name still unknown): Rest of UE/Human worlds, along w/ S. Tip renegades. Wars have wrecked this area, and the tech used here shows it. A GIANT UE fleet was sent to counter the Renegades , but was caught in hyperspace as a hyper bomb went off. The whereabouts of this fleet are unknown.
-Voinian: Most of the Voinian empire, alone with a few UE/Emalgha/Hinivar worlds are here. W/out the UE, the voinians have retaken all the worlds they once held, and then some. Very cool stuff could be looked for here (or maybe not?).
-Former Zachit/Renegade/Azdigari space: this cluster is chaos. W/out the other strands to fight against, the Azdigari started to loot the Zachit, and then their own worlds. Azd + Zachit governments were all but destroyed, and law + order are non-existant. Tech suffered, w/only a few advancements.
-MA/Igizadra/former Zigidar: The MA, Zigidar, and Igazadra wre left here. Zig. attacked MA, and then was destroyed by a joint Igazadra/MA onslaught. Decent tech, and your starting point.

This plug is looking to be HUGE! All new graphics, ships, etc. All, of course, if I ever get around to it.

The plug I started recently is doing fine, and I should be able to release Test1.0 out soon. (Test=Beta). Test1.0 should contain about first 15 missions (out of MANY) of 1 storyline (out of three). Anyone want to host it? Look forward to many Tests, and then the release of Merchant Alliance 1.0.

Kedos to Ambrosia for cool new site layout.

All the best,