I need help with QT movies!

I can make movie but when i try to tell EVO to run them it wont it just gives me a blank screen. Could someone please walk me through the process of making the movies work after ive created them!!



My advice is, don't. EVO is still very, very buggy as regards QT.

However, if you do want to do it, the Deqt resource has to reference the QT movie.

There really isn't any problem with this as long as you follow the EVO Bible.

However, if you are using EV-Edit, things won't work. Essentially, EVO-Edit gives you the option of putting QT movies almost anywhere. But this isn't how EVO works. EVO only allows you to have a movie before, after or instead of the mission text (eg, the text you get after you've accepted). If you want to use a QT movie to end a mission, you have to start another one as a work around.


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