Pardon the new topic...

But this has to do with the graphics contest post and if I'd posted there it would never be noticed.

I'd thought that it had already been decided about who did the best graphics the last time there was an "Official Graphics Contest" over a year ago. I don't remember whether SkullLeada or -david- won, but I do remember that I didn't see anyone else trying.

I just think that we should leave it that few can match their skill in ship and weapon graphics and that out of respect (especially for Skull) we should leave it at that.

One cannot walk down an avenue, converse with a friend, enter a building, browse beneath the sandstone arches of old towns without meeting with an instrument of time.

Time is visible in all places.

Clock towers, wristwatches, church bells divide years into months, months into days, days into hours, hours into seconds, each increment of time marching after the other in perfect succession. And beyond any particular clock, a vast scaffold of time, stretching across the universe, lays down the law of time equally for all.

In this world, a second is a second is a second.

Time moves forward with unwavering regularity.

Time is an infinite ruler.

Time is absolute.

Skull was awsome.. Never really 'knew' -david- tho..

"All power corrupts, absolute power..."
" even more fun!"

"The meek shall inherit..."
"...what they're bloody well given. And be thankful for it."

-BOFH, Simon talking to his PFY.