Help! What do I need to make my plugs?

I'v got some ideas for making plugs, but I have not been able to find EV-Edit
or res-edit on the web so far. I already got Shmelta -V and i'm working on a spanish missions version for some of my friends. So far it works. But I'm in great need to vent out and add my graphics and other major changes as allowed.
I already got a friend making some preliminaries for some ships based in Farscape, the series on SciFi Channel. If you can help e-mail me or post here.

Much apreciated.
Muchas Gracias


ResEdit is available at (url="http://"")Apple Computer's(/url) website. The EV Bible is the essential canon source for plugin editing - contact anyone who posts on this board for a copy, or go to (url="http://"") to find the Annotated EV Bible, even more useful. Pontus Ilbring's utilies - especially Formula Calc - are indispensable. Schmelta-V is slated to be replaced by Pipeline's misnedit soon. EV-Edit has too many limitations to edit plugins well.

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Thanks ColdFusion. You have been of great help in bringing the EV world of gaming to those who have dificulties with english by providing me with the right tools to do a good job. My plug will be bilingual, so it might help some people practice spanish reading in a fun way. It's a bit more work, but I expect it to be better.

Any Ideas post or e mail me at

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