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OK, I finally found a site I saw awhile ago that had some great ship graphics, and I downloaded 4 different races, varying in size and ability (judging on how you percieve them by looking at them) The problem is is that each ship comes in an individual plugin--I remember getting a majority of the purple and white ships to work but I don't know how I kept sane enough to copy out all of the pict resources and then import them into EV-Edit; if I copy the spinning sprites from the plugin using ResEdit then switch to EV Edit, it doesn't do anything when I hit Paste. OK, basically I want to start by compiling all of these plugins that only contain the sprites and the spin resources (which I don't care about, just the pix here) into one plugin, so I can easily start defining each ship and using the graphics efficiently. I am SURE I was able to get all of the purple and white ships working good, along with the grey EV Confed-looking ships, but I forget how I was able to get the stuff in there so quickly. Here's the URL for the site--I used all of the purple and white ships, all grey ships, and all green and white ships, and then only 3 of the 4 in the black and neon group. (url="http://"")http://www.connect.a...merf/ships.html(/url)
How can I easily combine those plugs into one so I can make ships an assign graphics? Damn myself for trashing my plugin and stuff after I hadn't played EVO for a month...


1. Damn you for not trashing EV-Edit with your plugins. EV-Edit is a mess that eats plugins alive and is cumbersome and unwieldy. Use ResEdit, the EVO Bible, and Pontus Ilbring's EV Formula Calc - contact blackhole, the moderator of the developer's board here to get these utilties.

2. EV-Edit doesn't support the Edit menu with graphics. Don't ask me why. You have to copy the spin graphics into a graphics program - Photoshop, Claris/AppleWorks, anything that can export PICT files. Save them as picts, then import them into (gasp! shudder! choke!) EV-Edit.

3. To move all the sprites into a single plugin, use ResEdit. Open your plugin and a new blank plugin. Copy the PICT resources and the spin resources into the blank plugin. Save and quit.

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