It's HERE!!!

MacAddict just sent out their new magizine (with the monthly cd of course). Among others, Escape Velocity Overide was in there listed as one of the greatest Shareware games EVER!!!

Developers, You're on high demand! So, keep those plugs rolling guys! We have a bigger audience than before.


Sleep?! Oh yah... I did that last week!

Um that issue is two months old. We all know.


Two months old?

Shoot. That's my latest issue


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What? You get a valentine's day magazine on christmas? How strange.

Oh well. It's still great news! (or... at least that's what I thought)

Zeta 🙂

Sleep?! Oh yah... I did that last week!

AM - It may have ben mentioned in an earlier issue. And all of us who DON'T read macAddict don't know.


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MacWorld named it one of the top 10 or 20 games (not necessarily shareware) about a year ago. That includes non-shareware, too, so it's gotta be good! I do think it's better than EV, stock, but EV comes in a strong first because of plug-ins.
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