Canons:Firepower and Range

Do different cannons have different strengths?(rookie here)
Are the Blaze canons good for armour? or do they just suck at everything?
If so, what is the best weapon for the Voinian?
Do swiveling canons have less range than turrets?
Because when I tried the Monty Pyton manuever on the dreadnought, I can't get it going. I already know that cannons have the best range but they are hard to aim.

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For some reason the monty python doesn't like to work on the Frigging dreadnought. Blaze Cannons are "Average," thank you. Use one phase turret to take down the shields of a Voinian vessel, then hammer it with Emalgha weapons. Emalgha guns suck at everything but Voinian armor, by the way. You're welcome!
P.S.: I found this really cheap way to beat the dreadnought: Buy as many fuel tanks and fuel scoops as you can, launch all your fighters, order them to attack the dreadnought, then immediatly cloak. The ambrosia dudes forgot to make your fighters independnt from your own cloakin device!

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Hmmm, Emalphia Cannons, though strong against armor, have short range. Phase Cannons, although weak against armor, have long range, so they're good for the Monty Python Maneuver. Some tips, make sure you've (or your escorts) have gotten rid of all the other bad guys, make sure he doesn't have anymore rockets, and to aim precisely, target the Dreadnaught, and hold down "a" to point straight at it (use only after you've matched speeds at the right distance)

Hope that helps.


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